We take the "Harm" out of "Harmonics"

Facts About THD/Harmonics

What is "THD"?

Total Harmonic Distortion, or THD is a measurement of harmonic distortion (noise) present in your electrical system.  

Causes of Harmonics

‘Harmonic noise’ is caused by many of the appliances running in a building – including switch-mode power supplies, variable speed motors, LED and CFL lighting, computers, printers, faxes, televisions, sound systems, and even includes charging stations for mobile devices  

Effects of THD/Harmonics

Harmonics can cause a loss of energy consumption within your application. This can result in a 10% - 30% loss to energy you're already paying for. 

Harmonics also causes your electrical equipment to work harder when they do not get pure 60 Hz AC Power but noisy power. When your equipment work harder, they run hotter and wear out sooner.


The T-7™’s patented variable-inductive filter/transformer technology removes current harmonics from the waveform, restoring the 60Hz signal.  With restored building Power Quality, the filter reduces consumption of energy (kwh) across the spectrum of loads within a commercial application and building equipment performs more efficiently, driving down operating costs. 

 Another way to solve your harmonics problem is to unplug all electronics, and go back to incandescent bulbs for lighting. Our filters are a better option if you want to stay in business. 

Independently Audited and Credentialed Energy Studies*

  • Jeff Cook Studios Music Studio 10%+
  • Krystal Restaurants 9.4 - 10.0% 
  • Buffalo Rock Office & Distribution 15.0%
  • Tacala (Taco Bell) Restaurants 10+% 
  • Caribe Resort Condo Complex 18% 
  • Auto Dealerships Show room & Shop 10+% 
  • Planet Fitness Gym 13% 
  • Bromberg Jewelers Retail Building 11.7% 
  • Inverness Country Club Golf cart barn 24% 

* Verified to the US DOE standards per the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocols and ASHRAE Guideline 14-2002  

Some More Features/Highlights on the T-7

  •  T-7 reduces consumption of energy across the spectrum of loads within any commercial application 
  •  T-7 is a passive device installed on the neutral side of electric panels that have a neutral. This includes120-480, single phase and three phase with neutral panels 
  •  T-7 is PATENTED. It has been independently proven and third party tested and certified by UL Labs, under UL 916 standard 
  •  T-7 is encased in a weatherproof sealed unit 
  •  T-7 is a passive device and will not emit any harmful interference or affect any devices located in the building. 
  •  T-7 draws no electricity and only captures existing harmonics on the neutral line caused by microprocessors or variable frequency drive motors 
  •  The T-7 Warranty consists of a Life Time Manufacturer’s Warranty 
  •  The T-7 will extend the life-span of all equipment, appliances, etc. located on the company grid an additional 30%-60% 
  •  The T-7 installation requires less than 15 minutes per panel on average 
  •  The T-7 sales cycle is under 60 days 
  •  Cost Savings is immediate and ROI is 12 – 15 months 
  •  The expense of the T-7 with our HaaS (Hardware as a Service) pricing model is between 30% - 37% of a customer’s gross savings 

Benefits of Harmonic Filters



  • Preventing premature equipment failure
  • Preventing fires due to inductive heating and overload
  • Preventing of blinking of incandescent lights due to supply transformer saturation
  • Preventing capacitor failure due to harmonic resonance
  • Preventing circuit breakers tripping, fuses blowing due to inductive heating and overload
  • Preventing computer malfunction or lock up due to voltage distortion
  • Preventing conductor failure due to inductive heating
  • Preventing electronic equipment from shutting down unexpectedly due to voltage distortion
  • Preventing flickering of fluorescent lights due to supply transformer saturation
  • Preventing motor failures (overheating) due to voltage drops
  • Preventing inflated kWh costs due to all of the above
  • Preventing neutral conductor and terminal failures due to additive triple currents
  • Preventing electromagnetic load failures due to inductive heating
  • Preventing overheating of metal enclosures due to inductive heating
  • Preventing power interference on voice communication due to harmonic noise
  • Preventing transformer failures due to inductive heating
  • The various ways that risk of electrical fires is reduced is likely eventually to become actionable in terms of reduced P&C (or Homeowners') Insurance.
  • Oh and by the way, it pays for itself with electrical savings usually in under 1 year

About Us

THD Energy Corporation is a technology company committed to offering the most innovative cost saving solutions to the global energy market. Its flagship product is the T-7 Harmonic Filter, a revolutionary passive electro-magnetic technology that captures harmonics or, “noise”, and restores proper phase and polarity to the AC system. The T-7, improves energy performance and reduces energy consumption, saving companies 12% to 27% or more of their total electrical energy consumption cost. 

Maximizing the energy you already paid for! 

THD Energy’s CEO, Mark Einhorn, has over 25 years of business experience and 17 years of experience in starting and running energy procurement companies. 

For more information on how THD Energy can benefit you contact us at info@thdenergy.com

Video of Harmonic Filtration

Check out this great video about Harmonics!